Kimberly Armstrong is a wife, mother, writer and believer. She resides in the mountains of Northeast,Tennessee with her husband, child, and pet. Her mission in life is to spread hope to others by sharing her personal experiences and what she has learned with others. She loves to write is always looking for ways to be creative. Her inspiration for her short stories and children’s books, come from real life experiences and her three-year-old. She hopes that her books and stories spark imagination and hope in the minds of children and adults everywhere. When she is not exploring her creativity, she can be found spending time with her family and finding ways to serve the community she resides in, through her nonprofit, Love In Action.

Here is a brief description of each page:

Blog: This is where I post when I remember. These posts will be random about my life, my writing, and different things I am passionate about.

Talk To Me:  If you feel inspired or just want to drop me a message this is where you can do so.  If you have any questions or would like to do a collaboration with me, please send me a message!

Encouraging Words: I created this page of my blog site to share encouragement. I wanted it to be free of all of my other posts so I made a separate page. I will add more content monthly. If you need a boost of encouragement check it out. Some of the things I post on here will be continued in a blog post.


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